Rahvusvaheline saunakongress 2018


7.-10. juunil 2018 toimus Rootis XVII Rahvusvahelisele Sauna Kongress “KESKÖÖPÄIKE ja SAUN”

Kavaga on võimalik tutvuda siin ja tutvustava videoga sellel lingil: https://youtu.be/MW8m11O6Occ

Lasse Viinikka, Fin

Sauna & health, What have we learn the last 60 years? 
The topic of sauna and health can be looked from different points of view:
1. Are there health risks involved with the sauna?
2. Can the sauna be used to improve one’s health or cure illnesses?


Jari Laukkanen, Fin

Sauna bathing and cardiovascular health. 
However, the association of sauna bathing with cardiovascular and allcause mortality is not known.


Miikka Källström, Swe

Effect of sauna bath on heart failure.
Infrared sauna bath was associated with a short-term improvement in BNP, LVEF and cardiothoracic ratio.


Joy Hussain, Aus

The Health Effects of Regular Dry Sauna Bathing. 
Sauna bathing has a long tradition in many cultures. Many health benefits are claimed by individuals and facilities promoting sauna bathing, however the medical evidence to support these claims is not always well established.


Mark Timmerman M.D, USA

The Heat Prescription: Sauna as a Treatment Modality.
This presentation explores the practical applications of sauna research in the clinical settings of primary care and sports medicine.


Frederik Otzen Bagger, Den

Short-term effect of sauna on gene expressios (pdf1, pdf2)
Fredrik reanalysis an interesting study, where 15 persons had measured gene expression before, immediately after, and one hour after sauna.


Jūratė Paškevičienė, Lit


Photo & films

"What does the whisk leaf tell you?" It has been observing, filming, interviewing bathhouse attendants and preservers of old traditions, as well as, ordinary Lithuanians who enjoy bath .


Kenneth Mikko, Swe

Sauna as a transitional ritual - about Russian sauna mythology.

I have made a four minute video and can also give some background on the topic, which later led to my Sauna photo book.


Mikkel Aaland, Swe

State of the art
Mikkel Aaland is an award-winning photographer, a popular workshop leader, and the author of ten books,


Jesce Walz, USA

Sauna & Kallbadhus
Jesce Walz is a graduate student of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington, Seattle. In 2017, Walz researched sauna and kallbadhus in Finland and Sweden as a Valle Scholar.

Landscapes of Ritual and Health
This ritual is a vital for health in certain Finnish and Swedish facilities, where popular sauna and kallbadhus boast communities who have visited the same site for social bathing throughout their lives.

WS 12 Bodies of Water - Approaches to Gender in Sauna and Bath.
How do sauna and bathing spaces “open, close, or shift” in response to gender?


Miki Tokairin, Jap

Shinrin yoku (forest bathing) and sauna. 
Japan and forest have long gone together, and Japanese spirituality rooted in nature worship. "Forest bathing" (shinrin-yoku) was developed in Japan during the 1980s and it effects on health has been scientifically proven.


Eda Veeroja, Est

Communicating with ancestors: a vanishing practice in the smoke sauna in Võrumaa Estonia. 

Smoke sauna tradition in Võromaa (Estonia) is in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO


Birutė Masiliauskienė, Ltu

Roles of bath master in modern time in Lithuanian bath.(pdf1, pdf2)
Lithuanian bath master, leading the bathing process, performs one of the typical roles or combination of several roles.

WS 9 Whisking in SPA: to be or not to be? And Whisks in Lithuanian bath:plants, types, conservation.


Tomas Hjälmeby, Swe

Tylö-Helo 100 years
World-leading sauna and steam bath manufacturer.


Valtteri Nieminen, Fin

A novel concept to study sauna stoves.


Lauri Louekari, Fin

Contemporary sauna architecture. 


Mika Meskanen, UK

Second coming of steam: the new sauna movement in the UK.
The British Sauna Society is a grassroots member driven organisation that promotes authentic sauna practices in the United Kingdom. We are creating a platform for sauna enthusiasts to connect and discover validated sauna knowledge.


Sara Porzilli, Italy / Markku Seppänen, Fin

MEÄN SAUNA - Inventory of old smoke saunas in the Swedish Torne river valley using laser scanning and photogrammetry. 


Lassi A Likkanen, Fin

WS 1 Design of the Finnish Sauna:Five Mysteries for Future Research (pdf1, pdf2)
Finland is a country known for its high‐tech engineering products, quality of education and saunas. In the past 40 years, more saunas have been built than ever before.

WS 8 Sauna bathing habits in Finland (pdf1, pdf2)


Michael B Jensen, Den

WS 2 Building a mobile smoke sauna (ppt1, ppt2)
We show the history of buying a used trailer and rebuilding it to a 12 persons sauna trailer despite the fact, that it showed up to be totally rotten and full of mould.


Sofia Eriksson, Aus

WS 3 “Sauna as Subversion". 
Sauna bathing is generally thought of as a technology of relaxation and invigoration and in terms of its potential in facilitating good psychological as well as physical health.


Hans Hägglun, Swe

WS 4 Discussion on standards for a sauna lab (health studies) Hägglund and Laukkannen.


Ulf Salomonsson Swe

WS 5  The truth behind the sauna mystique. 


Saara Louhensalo, Fin

WS 6 Sauna as part of a radical inclusion and as a place for connect.

  • Why is sauna so great place to connect with people different than you?
  • Why sauna is great place for new ideas and good decisions?
  • Why sauna works? What is Sompasauna?


Anna Artemieva, Rus

WS 7 Russia Banya in youth culture.
Banya nowadays in Russia, which period banya goes trough now, how young people think about banya and why they afraid of it.


Katsuki Tanaka, Jap (Translation Mr. Kim)

WS 10 Sauna Culture in Japan
How Japanese people enjoy the Sauna culture and sauna itself.
Recent active sauna movement through the culture and events.


Risto Elomaa and Markku Seppänen, Fin

WS 11 Introducing sauna series of Finnish RT standard sheets, and renewed smoke sauna sheet, a guide for design and construction of traditional smoke saunas in accordance with Finnish tradition. (pdf1, pdf2)

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